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I found Page’s Surrendered Sleep fascinating as I had never thought about a biblical connection with sleep. From his own personal issues with sleep, Dr. Page researched how spirituality affects our sleep patterns. Good quality sleep is a problem for so many people as our lives have become so demanding. Page brings together the physical, mental, scientific and spiritual aspects of sleep in a way you’ve not seen before. This book is a must read for everyone since we all know someone who has a problem sleeping. But, just be ready to lose a little sleep yourself as you find you can’t put the book down!

Brenda Fried
Bridging the Gap of Faith
Shreveport, La

The spiritual aspects of insomnia have been overlooked by the medical community for too long. While medications have their role for some, they are probably overused in the treatment of insomnia. Surrendered Sleep explores the root causes of many sleep disturbances from a biblical perspective. Dr. Page offers practical advice on how to draw closer to God to overcome the anxieties and fears that rob many of their night’s rest. It is easy to read and biblically sound. Wished I had a copy sooner for my patients. This book is long overdue!

Jeffery J Vrielink
Christian Psychiatrist
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Have you ever wondered what the Christian faith has to say about sleep? Surrendered Sleep offers an encouraging and practical approach for those suffering with sleep issues. This book will not only challenge your attitudes regarding sleep disorders and insomnia, but will motivate you to pursue the One who created your need for sleep. You’ll want to keep a copy close to your bedside!

Harold G. Koenig
Professor Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Associate Professor of Medicine
Director, Center for Spirituality, Theology and Health
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC

Dr. Page cuts through the deceits of modern life to expose the roots of our sleeplessness. His masterful, insightful study of sleep in the Scriptures will awaken a new understanding of sleep and sleeplessness in our lives. May God use his easy to read, scientifically and biblically-informed common sense to help lead us to rest.

Kevin Paszalek
Vice Principal for Administration
Moffat Bible College
Kijabe, Kenya
AIM International

Surrendered Sleep: A Biblical Perspective by Charles W. Page, M.D., is a cutting edge and comprehensive book about the spiritual aspects of this often ignored one third of our lives—our sleep. It addresses the impact that sleep has on our daily lives from a biblical perspective. I was fascinated with how much has been said about sleep by the ultimate sleep doctor—God Himself. I find this book to be authentic, factual and instrumental in supplying the missing link in the current literature on sleep—that is, the spiritual component.

I highly recommend this book to all who desire to improve the peacefulness of their sleep and the quality of their lives. This is how it was meant to be from the beginning of time according to the One who never sleeps, the One who watches over us during our days and our nights.

Ronald Cates, M.D.
Fellow, American Academy of Sleep Medicine

On average, humans spend 33% of their lives asleep, yet it often comes with misery. Surrendered Sleep discusses with faith and wisdom on how to better approach sleep and what to consider as a Christian when seeking better sleep. From facing many sleep disorders and how to approach these issues in a giving way, Surrendered Sleep is a strong pick for those who want to fully understand sleep and want faith to guide them through the night.

James A Cox
Midwest Book Review
Small Press Bookwatch: May 2012

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