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Chuck Page here: a hard working sleep deprived surgeon, father of five and husband to Joanna. You are probably wondering why a surgeon would write a book on the spiritual component of sleep and rest in the first place. It’s a long story but suffice to say that my whole adult life has been spent wondering when (or if) I will have an opportunity to get a little shut eye. “Take two Tylenols and call me in the morning” just doesn’t cut it anymore in our 24/7 nanosecond culture.

As I began to tackle this issue and search for some answers, I began to learn that no one had ever really approached sleep from a Christian worldview. After about three years of studying the scriptures on this topic I began to notice different patterns and attitudes that surfaced about sleep and rest. I was amazed at just how much instruction was found concerning sleep (or it’s absence) in God’s word. The goal is not to provide some magical formula for rest but rather present a focus and a framework for Christians to help with insomnia, sleep disorders and sleeplessness.

I did my undergrad at a small liberal arts school in Texas. Then I moved down to Houston, where I did my “Decade with Debakey” for medical school and residency at Baylor College of Medicine.

Follow our blog that explores a spiritual awakening for sleep at http://surrenderedsleep.blogspot.com/ I have an unpredictable lifestyle so I blog usually blog only once every week. I’m sure you can identify.

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