Turning Your Heart To God While Facing Insomnia And Sleep Disorders

Surrendered Sleep

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Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, I Pray the Lord My Soul to Keep

Sleep Clinics. Sleeping Pills. Sleep Systems. With all the focus on sleep, it’s obvious to anyone breathing (or not—in the case of sleep apnea) that sleep disorders are on everyone’s minds. Can’t fall asleep. Need help with insomnia? So many problems, but so few zzzs.

As a surgeon, Dr. Charles W. Page had been plagued with sleep deprivation his entire adult life. Dr. Page explores what the bible says about sleep while offering help for insomnia and sleep disorders. Many of his surgical patients request spiritual help for sleep apnea and other sleep disorders as well as medical solutions. It’s certainly a widespread problem.

Although there is extensive medical literature regarding sleep, insomnia and sleep disorders, there is little instruction about these issues from a Christian worldview. Sleep was God’s idea—why shouldn’t we go to the One who created rest in the first place for help with insomnia and sleep apnea. One of the reasons Dr. Page wrote Surrendered Sleep was to heighten people’s awareness of the spiritual side of sleep issues, which often goes neglected in health and medical literature.

From the Back Cover:

Struggling with sleep? Wondering if the One who created rest in the first place has anything to teach you about it? Surrendered Sleep approaches insomnia from a biblical perspective and exposes several heart attitudes you may experience in your journey for rest. These attitudes may not only affect the way you sleep but also the way you relate to God. Dr. Page challenges you to wrap your mind around the concept of a God who is just as active during your sleep (or sleeplessness) as during your wakeful hours.

Surrendered Sleep empowers readers with tools to:

  • Understand how pursuing God is associated with rest from studying the bible and sleep..
  • Be more aware of God’s activity as one prepares for rest.
  • Recognize strategies and habits that wisely predispose to a good night’s sleep.
  • Effectively battle thoughts, concerns and attitudes that potentially hinder rest to help with insomnia.
  • Integrate a personal approach to health and the Christian faith.
  • Recognize common sleep disorders and their role in our health.
  • Approach chronic insomnia and sleep disorders with a heart of endurance.
  • Sacrifice our sleep in order to serve others and further God’s kingdom.

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